Mathematical models are critical when developing a computerized representation of a component or system. However, accurately reflecting component or system parameters using a mathematical model can be tricky without reliable test data from a physical model. The staff at FES, Inc. is not only skilled at developing mathematical models, but can test the accuracy of any model using test date generated in the FES, Inc. lab from provided test specimens.

All of the critical components of a fluid system are thoroughly understood and comprehensively tested at FES. Facilities are available to evaluate all types and sizes of fluid valves and hydraulic servo controls. Our cylinder and seal testing facilities are second to none. In addition, FES has a hose testing facility which was developed to verify SAE J1405 entitled "Flex-Impulse Test Procedure for Hydraulic Hose Assemblies."

FES, Inc. has a broad array of qualified testing equipment which is used to evaluate filters and filter media. Multipass or single pass test stands cover flow rates from one gallon per minute to over 80 gallons per minute. In-line or off-line assessment practices are available. Tests are routinely conducted on flat sheet medium, spin-on filters, filter elements, last chance filters, etc. FES is capable of evaluating both particle separation and water separation characteristics. Specialty filter tests with extreme steady state and dynamic pressure, flow and/or temperature are easily conducted with our versatile facility

FES, Inc. has worked closely with our sister company, BarDyne, Inc. in developing and marketing their software program called HyPneu. This software provides the user with a powerful virtual laboratory for power and motion control design and simulation. Click on the title block above for more information about this revolutionary software. 

The laboratory, which specializes in pump, motor, and transmission assessment, has a 250 horsepower, variable speed drive as a basic power supply. Instrumentation is available to accurately measure all of the critical parameters associated with these components. Performance evaluation, contaminant sensitivity assessment, endurance testing, and reliability appraisal are all conducted in our laboratory. Fluid conditioning equipment is capable of handling up to 200 gallons per minute.

FES Provides design assistance in the development of new equipment. We utilize the latest technology and instrumentation on projects where design development analysis plays a major role. 

FES, Inc. offers a wide range of technical services, including but not limited to: component performance evaluation, life and reliability testing, component contamination sensitivity appraisal, fluid analysis evaluation, filtration performance assessment, mathematical model evaluation, and technical consulting.


Pump and Motor Evaluation
System Design and Analysis
Filtration and Separation
 and Wear
Valves, Servo Controls, Cylinders, Seals, and Hoses
Model Verification

The ability of a liquid to efficiently transmit power while providing lubrication and reducing wear is critical in fluid systems. The development of the gamma wear testing concept by the staff of FES has become an important step in the advancement of this technology. The FES tribology laboratory utilizes the gamma system along with the Falex and Timkin wear testers to evaluate the antiwear and lubrication properties of system fluids.